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10 April 2010 @ 01:06 am
LOST: Sone  

Title: Sone
Author: Yersi Fanel
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Daniel, Charlie
Rating: PG
Spoilers Warning: 6x11 - Happily Ever After
Summary: Sideways time line. Daniel manages to get Charlie to perform along with him.

Disclaimer: LOST is not mine and I do not profit from this writings; this is for entertainment propose only.

Notes: English is not my mother language, so you may to find some mistakes here and there; please feel free to point them out so I can work to make it better, thanks for your help.


"You should consider taking this situation a bit slower; think the different scenarios and outcomes, perhaps?"

Daniel bit his lower lip, his eyes fixed on his hat on his lap for a moment, to later on look at the man besides him, and said person just looked at him with a frustrated expression but nodded anyway.

"I'm sorry, ok?" the notable British accent his partner had made Daniel smile a little, "I got carried away."

"I understand Charlie, I really do," Daniel let go of his hat to place a hand over Charlie's knee in a comfort gesture. "But I can't let you get onto my parent's bad side, it is not convenient, not really."

Charlie rolled his eyes before resting his head against the limo's window, absently watching the passing figures as they drove by the main street to the hotel he was to stay in.

Daniel kept on chewing his lower lip while the other musician ignored him, he let it pass because he already knew how Charlie reacted when in a bad mood, and he could see that the Brit was indeed in a bad mood; dark, gloomy, frustrated and maybe annoyed, a little wary too, considering his older brother was at the hotel, counting the minutes until they arrived and give Charlie a lecture to remember.

Normally, Daniel would not push someone else’s decisions in anything, but this time the situation was a little different, not only because it was him the one that suggested to combine his own musical skills with a rock band – Driveshaft to be more specific – for the Mayor Charity Event his mother was hosting, but because it didn’t actually made much sense to him why Charlie would ran off like he did from said event.

Desmond told him that Charlie was not going to be able to perform with him, but didn’t tell him why, Daniel was still concerned about it, but at the moment he was trying to explain a point to Desmond, so once he gave him the information regarding his connection and the weird dreams he had, he proceeded to help him to find Penny. Once Daniel gave Desmond the information about his halve-sister, he asked more about why Driveshaft was not going to perform alongside him; Desmond explained that he kind of lost Charlie after an incident in the hospital. Daniel knew that Desmond was going to be quiet busy with all the Penny situation, so he told him to get going with it and Daniel himself took care of finding Charlie, it was not that hard – He was a Widmore after all, he had the resources to find a person if he wanted to.

Once his resources found Charlie and Daniel managed to convince the Rock Star to not run away from him as if Daniel was carrying the plague, they got in the Limo and Daniel asked Charlie to explain himself, mainly because Daniel wanted to know if there was something he could do to help him.

To his surprise, Charlie asked him if he had ever been in love, or as Charlie put it: Spectacular, consciousness altering love.

Daniel got a dreamy look in his eyes and answer with no hesitation that yes, in fact, he was.

After this Charlie proceeded to tell him about his near death experience and how he saw beyond, feeling something real, seeing the woman he knew he was in love with, even if he didn’t actually knew her name or met her for the matter. He explained to Daniel about how intense the feeling was, how real it felt, how good he felt about it and how amazing it was in general.

Daniel shared with him his own story regarding love at first sight, about the woman he saw and how the mere sight gave him the feeling. He also told him how things got strange before that, because Charlie had his own share of "weird" after having a contact with that strong feeling of love, just like him.

After this conversation, Charlie questioned Daniel that if he actually believed in him, then why was he, like Desmond, trying to stop him.

"I'm not stopping you," he explained. "I want to help you, actually."

"For real?"

"Yes." Daniel then got nervous and started to grip the edge of his hat again. "That's why I think you should take it easy; trying to kill yourself is not the solution, I mean... If this lady you saw is as real as my own, then she is here, somewhere, ready for you to find her, but if you are not living then..."

"I won't be able to meet her."

"Exactly," Daniel pointed to his notebook then. "I think she is here, like you and me, because she exists in the other life we talked about."

"What if the answer is that none of this," he said pointing all around him, "Matter? What if the truth is that other life, then what, Dan?"

"Please, listen to me Charlie." The truth was that even if Daniel did believe Charlie's story, he was a little anxious about him going suicidal again, the rock star was one of his few friends, the last thing he wanted was to let him die because the theory he had about the shared life was not properly explained.

"I'm listening, mate."

"I think we are here and now, in this life, for a reason, and that reason has to be very important... something, something bad happened that forced the creation of the life we have here and now, I'm not sure why, but it must be something really heavy, maybe bad enough for me - I'm guessing here - to explode a bomb, change things... set this motion."

"Prevent something catastrophic?"

"Is just a theory, Charlie," Daniel told him, "But I think living is the actual solution, living here and now to find this person you are already in love with, just like Desmond."


"You know Desmond, right? He was the one that told me you were missing."

"Yeah, I know him... So, he felt it too, he saw something and got the feeling." Charlie was saying this more to himself than Daniel.

"I think so," Daniel shrugged, "I mean, how else could he know about Penny? Besides my mother was nagging him about it, and when my mother gets in that attitude about 'right' and 'wrong', it means she knows way more than she is letting us know, it is kind of annoying, to be honest."

"So... what now, Dan?"

"I'm going to help you to find this girl, ok?" Daniel smiled, "But promise me that you won't do anything hasty again, please Charlie."

Charlie closed his eyes and Daniel words sank in him, he was right, Charlie concluded, if he wanted to find the girl he saw, the woman he was in love with, he had to do the things right.

"Ok... I promise."

"Also..." Daniel avoided Charlie's eyes then, "You have to perform in tonight’s show, to prevent my parent's fury, and you brother's too."

"Bloody hell, I forgot about Liam!" Charlie stared at his ring, "He's going to kill me."

"I don't think so, I mean, how bad could it be?"

"You have no idea."

"I'm not sure I get you..."

"And that's why you, Dan, hang out with me and not my brother, because you don't know him."


Daniel was 21 when they met, Charlie was 20.

The event was a Musical Festival, sponsored by Widmore Industries as a Cultural event and hosted by Eloise Widmore herself.

Charlie happened to be one of the performers selected by the Conservatory of Music in which he was a student for such event. Even thinking Charlie was honored to do so; he was more than nervous about it. This was his first time traveling to the Estates, and he was also doing it by himself, because his older brother, Liam Pace, was not able to come with him.

Daniel got the courage to talk to him because Charlie seemed as out of place as Daniel felt.

They end up talking about the main thing they had in common at first, music. Daniel was focusing in classical piano while Charlie was in a rock band with his brother and were about to get a record contract.

After that, the conversation carry on and they moved from one topic to another, by the end of the day both felt very comfortable with the other and when the event was done, they were friends.

Charlie's band was good and their first single was the beginning of a great road. At the same time Daniel got his recognition in the musical world for his talent. Even if they were apart most of the time, they keep the contact as much as they could.

When on brake, Daniel was the one that traveled to Manchester to hang out with Charlie, in a few occasions Charlie was the one visiting him in L.A. or they would set up a date and a place where they could see each other.

Daniel was too shy sometime to deal with the world Charlie lived in, while Charlie was beyond that point to care, but couldn't help but felt out of place within Dan's world sometimes too. Even so, that didn’t prevent them from having their friendship.

Charlie asked Dan to help him out with a couple of songs when DriveSHAFT was composing their second album, so they got to spend a couple of months living together at Charlie's flat in Manchester to get things done properly.

Of the many songs they did, not all of them made it to the album, but that was fine by them. Dan picked up some of the songs and Charlie told him to get them to himself and maybe someday they could actually perform them together live.

That was when the idea made its way into Dan's mind, so he finally made the suggestion a couple of years later to have their Classical/Rock concert.

The only problem was that neither Dan nor Charlie ha the better of fortune, so as both had guessed, they were having troubles to have the event actually running as planned.

Daniel's main concern was that something could go wrong and the possibility of their audience not liking the combination at all. Charlie was more worried for the physical aspects of what could go wrong, fearing that a fallen light could crush him or Daniel.

But Daniel was having the situation under control and Charlie's recent deviant attitude towards dead was also an advantage, therefore this could actually work.

At least, they hoped.


"That's impressive." Daniel muttered, he was sitting in the bench of his piano, located at one side of the stage, while Charlie was besides him, tuning his bass and setting up his pedals for the show.

"What?" He asked while holding a guitar pick between his lips.

"Your brother's ability to be mad at you and concerned beyond reason at the same time, it's impressive."

"Yep, that Liam Sodding Pace for the world to know." He said while rolling his eyes, "My nagging Big Brother!"

"I can hear you Charlie!" Liam's voice screamed from backstage.

"That was the point!" Charlie countered and Dan just laughed quietly under his breath, "So, Dan..."


"Is that you mother glaring at me while a murderous look?"

"Yes, indeed."

"She's scaring me..."

"You’re going to be fine, just..."

"Just what?"

"If for some reason she gets to talk to you alone, try to just give her what she wants, even if you don't agree, it's easier that way."

"How come you are a shy nice guy while having a mother like that and a father like Widmore?"

"Says the man with Liam Pace for a brother." Daniel pointed backstage.

"Leave it, Mr. My-Hat-matches-with-my-tie."

"Well it does..."

"Dan, you honestly can't say when someone is trying to pick on you, can you?" Charlie gave him a small smile.

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing Dan, nothing."


Eloise Widmore's glare was freezing his very soul, but he was able to hold it just fine, Liam was ignoring her and the rest of the band was trying to do the same, her disgust was target to Charlie after all, not them.

They were performing a cover of Coldplay's "Clocks" at the moment; it was a proper song for the amount of piano in it, perfect for Dan to show off and the band to get along the song with him.

Their audience was happy with their performance, and as Desmond had pointed out, now Charles Widmore owned him a favor, he could use it later, right now he was trying his best to avoid being eaten alive by Mrs. Widmore and that was taking a lot out of him.

He decided that the best chance he had to survive was to not leave Daniel's side, at all.

Good for him was that Daniel didn't mind or was too clueless to notice that Charlie was gluing himself to him, whatever.


They end up writing a son for about their feelings of ignited love.

Now that they were in the Dan's study, with tabs in progress laying all over the floor and lyrics scribbled in their notebooks, they couldn’t help but think even more about that other life Daniel made a theory about.

They had glimpses of many things but not about the other, and Charlie was wondering if the met in that other place.

Dan told him that it was just a theory and they may have meet, maybe not, but only part of that other flashes could surface to their current consciousness, at least he guessed.

Charlie told him to not worry too much about those things they were not able to see, but just they felt and saw, the rest was going to settle on its own once the main issue was done.

Daniel got yet another tab done and Charlie was scribbling lyrics that could match, he was resting on his stomach on the floor by Dan's feet. He saw Charlie and his expression softened.

Maybe this was not the life they were supposed to have in first place, but for some reason they had to change it, and now it was only the here and now, that was all they have.

He couldn't tell what was going to happen, but he was not complaining about his life, he as quiet happy with it and besides the idea of not having Charlie as his friend in that other life was something he didn't fancy.

They could work together and find the persons their flashes showed them and their feelings of revelation let them know it was those they already loved. Dan was sure they could do it, because they were both working on the same path and helping one another.

He was not able to remember Charlie in another life, just in this one and that was something he was thankful for.

Maybe the world around him was not perfect but it was close. The rest depended of them.

Because that was free will for, right?

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