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16 March 2010 @ 01:50 pm
LOST - Drabbles  
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Charlie, Desmond, Penny
Rating: PG
Summary: 10 prompts, 100 words each: After The Island, Desmond founds Charlie.

(01. Coincide)

Like the first time, he found him on the street, singing. He looked so young, like that first time, but now there was a new song and a different last name on the sing.

"Will you recognize me? Call my name or walk on by..."

Desmond approved him as the song was done and the people around him leaved their donations. He took out a bill.

"Whoa! But sir, a 20... are you sure?"

"It is ok... So, your name is Charlie?"


"I'm Desmond."

They exchanged a smile, and Desmond knew that this was his change to star again.

(02. Remain)

He didn't have a past or a history behind him, his last name was given by the organization that helped him to get his life back after the accident where he was found. He worked hard to get some money, thus the reason Desmond found him singing on the streets. Desmond decided to keep tabs on him, after some time they became friends and Penny told Desmond to ask him to live with them.

"Wouldn't I be a bother?"

"Brother, you are more than welcome."

"I... Thank you"

He may not be the same person, but Desmond felt as if.

(03. Recall)

Penny was washing the dishes while little Charlie played with his now subrogate older brother. She could heard them laughing, Charlie was teaching her little son the colors by singing, pointing to everything he could use as an example and her little Charlie was so happy to learn by having fun that he could barely contain himself.

She looked over her shoulder to see her new found brother lifting her son in the air and spin around, her grip on the glass tighter, because even now the memory of him running from the screen and fading to nothing haunts her.

(04. Doubt)

He was happy with his life. Penny, Desmond and Little Charlie were his family now and he was certain that he loved them.

But there were days when he couldn't help but wonder for the reason for Desmond's care and Penny's affection.

Still, no matter what, he was too grateful for the kindness.

He knew there was something Desmond was not telling him. Yet, day after day, after recalling the home he was giving, the family in witch he was taken and all the good things, he was not sure if he wanted to find out what was left to say.

(05. Lie)

"Are you sad, uncle?" the question was simple, so was the answer.

Charlie looked at his subrogate nephew and smiled, blinking away the tears in his eyes and shaking his head to deny the statement.

"Nope, I'm fine Mine-Me."

The little boy asked to be lifted in his arms and he was happy to do so. His little arms encircle his neck and he hided his face on the crock of his neck.

"Did you lose something?"

"Nothing little one... I'm 100% complete."


Little Charlie closed his eyes as his uncle hugged him tight while letting his tears fall.

(06. Truth)

"I drowned"

"Excuse me?"

"I know I drowned, Desmond... I remember the pain in my lungs and the water around me."


"Apart from my name, that's it.... You know what really happened?"


"Could you tell me? I want to know who I was before waking up in the hospital."

"Are you sure? You are not that person anymore."

"But inside me something of that old person remains. You saw it, that's why you took me in, wasn't it?"

"You are fine now, that's all that matters."

"I just want to know."

"Please don't leave after this..."

"I won't."

(07. Search)

Penny was the one that found the information they were looking for. It was at her reach, inside the many secrets her father has. Charlie had been found in open sea by a fishing boat during a storm, he was taken to a hospital.

The boat belongs to her father's corporation, the objective was to take him as far away of the island as possible, because his role there was done and he was to go back to the world knowing nothing about it.

She burned the file without telling Desmond, because it didn't matter. Charlie was with them now.

(08. Discover)

Charlie was tapping his pencil against the notebook while reading the book in from of him for the research he was doing for an assignment. Penny had insisted for him to continue with college.

"I'm your older sister, I'll take care of the money, and you just study!"

The bell rang and he got up to attend it. Desmond was walking down the stairs but Charlie got first.

"Can I help you?" He wasn't expecting the stranger to drop the box he was carrying upon seeing him, nor the cold glare he send to Desmond, who just shrugged.

"Hello Sayid..."

(09. Acceptance)

The Iraqi was a nice man, Charlie could tell. His halve smiles were enough to keep him calm even if he was arguing with Desmond for not telling them about him.

Charlie had no idea of who were those persons Sayid was talking about; there was nothing familiar about the names, nothing at all.

He decided to explain that to Sayid, for he couldn't bare seeing Desmond being accused of not caring, because Desmond cared a lot, he was a living proof of that.

Sayid understood.

"Even now I can tell you are still you, I'm glad about that, Charlie."

(10. Gathering)

There were hugs and kisses; there were stares and even yells. Penny never laved his side, making sure no one get too close to him while Desmond give the explanations.

The doctor was just happy to see him, as if the light returned to his eyes after that. The brunette lady cried several times, but she was smiling and asking him to hold her son. The fat guy with curly hair hugged him so hard he almost made him lose his breath.

He could just look at Desmond and then back at them and smile.

"Hi... Nice to meet you."

- 01. Coincide: the song is "Don't you forget" by Simple Minds.

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