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17 January 2014 @ 06:27 pm
...I want to read fics with Ash/Red a.k.a the Chosen One with Mewtwo as part of his team.

I just saw 'Genesect and the Legend Awakened' alias The One where Mewtwo goes Mega Form Y, but they screw with the continuity! This is not the same Mewtwo of New Island and they didn't include the fact Ash knows Mewtwo, as they are friends from the end of Mewtwo Returns TV special.

This Mewtwo is not so bad (this one has a female voice so I'm calling it a she, where the original Mewtwo a he) I actually like this girl Mewtwo's background story; she was created in a lab as well, but their creators hurt her badly before she managed to escape, she gets badly hurt by a human hunter again and finally meets some pokemon that helped her in a storm and makes friends with them, sometime after that Genesect happen and the movie goes on.

I just would have like for the writters to acknowledge that is not the same Mewtwo. The did so in a japanse press conference, but I would have like Ash to mention he knows the first Mewtwo, that would made a far more interesting story!

Also, from now one it´s my head-canon that male Mewtwo can go Mega Form X, while female Mewtwo goes Y.

I really wish the writters didn't screw with the continuity so much, like saying things like "Pikachu and I knew each other from a very, very long time" and insist in keeping him 10 years old, mathematically he should be at least 17.

Pokemon Y U no keep continuity! D:
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